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Pips Alert Management

100% Automated Forex Trading
Pips Alert Presents,
Capital Management
Our team focuses on trading weekly setups with strict rules. We don't use robots or indicators, we're 100% chart technical traders. 
1:3 Risk to Return Ratio
0.5% Max Risk Per Trade
14-24% Monthly Returns
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Focused Long-Term
Capital preservation with high returns is our core focus. By using technical trades with high ROI, and limiting each trade exposure to only 0.5% risk and max 3.5% exposure on all open trades. This allows us to maximize great market weeks/months and limit DD draw-downs in bad markets.

On top of that, we utilize pair hedging. Where we time the markets on specific setups that enable us to hedge certain market assets against each other with a 1:3 R:R. 

Finally, we maximize returns via intraday trading; but we only focus on the best market setups, limiting us to an average of only 8 trades weekly.
Intraday Trading, Weekly Exits
Pair Hedging
Conservative Risk Management
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You Get Paid First
No setup or annual NAV fees. You keep 70% of all the profits, and we get 30% of the net returns. A simple 30/70 split where your capital is put to work and you get the majority of the spoil. Payouts are via a High-water Mark incentive fee structure.
$0 Management Fee
$0 Registration Fee
30% Performance Fee
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MAM via FxChoice
Management will be through FXChoice, an IFSC-regulated broker and highly renowned in the trading community. This provides privacy, transparency, support, and control over your assets. 
We Never Access Any of Your Information
FxChoice Distributes Profits Weekly Automatically
Quick & Easy Setup in Minutes
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We're here to outperform the market long-term while providing greater returns at lower risks. Often in Forex you hear managers claiming 100% returns quickly, what goes up fast; crashes down faster. That's why we will never risk more than 0.5% on a trade, even if it means we can earn more.

Trading is about capital preservation, good and bad markets happen. We'll profit in good markets and retain capital in bad markets.
Real Estate
11.8% Avg Anually
18% Historic Drawdown
1-4% Management Fee
Incentive Fee Varies
Low Liquidity &
High Start-up Costs
Hedge Funds
12.5% Avg Anually
20% Avg Historic Drawdown
2% Management Fee
20% Incentive Fee
Lock-in Periods & 
Exclusive to Larger Investors
Pips Alert Management
14-24% Avg Monthly
17.98% Historic Drawdown
0% Management Fee
30% Incentive Fee
Liquid & 
High Performance
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A New Horizon Awaits
Pips Alert management is focused on long-term performance for our investors. Our mission is to bring high returns while maintaining low-risk market exposure.
Our team of analysts and traders are here for you.
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