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Pip By Pip FX Management

Performance Since 2021
Pip By Pip Presents,
FX Capital Management
Tap into high-frequency AI trading with a hybrid model where our traders co-manage the trades with our algorithms.  Perfect for inventors who want income-generating returns while retaining enough profits for long-term compounded growth.
70% Win Rate
30% Drawdown in Extreme Market Conditions
35-40% Monthly ROI Targets
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Focused Long-Term
Capital preservation with high returns is our core focus. With a historic 70% win rate at a 1.96 profit factor, we provide our investors with elite-level performance.

We utilize a hybrid model where our traders manage each trade alongside our algorithms. Executing a high volume of orders in a combination of scalping and intraday trading. Depending on each trade, we manage it as a scalp and let the strong setups go into intraday.

AI & Human Managed Trading (Hybrid AI)
Scalping & Intraday High-Volume Trading
Trade Major Pairs Only (no exotics)
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MyFxBook Verified
Not only do we provide our PAMM via an Australian-regulated broker, but all our trading is audited and verified by the #1 3rd party Forex auditing company. 

We have a track record from 2021 on our "Z" strategy averaging 4.5% m/m which is to re-open to investors in 2024. Our "X" strategy is currently open to new investors with an average of 30% m/m. 

Audited Trading via MyFxBook
Key Performance Breakdown for Investors
Pre-Covic & Post-Covic Performance
X Fund - Verified
New track record setup on BlueBerry Markets, the previous record of 8 months was on another broker, we made the switch to BlueBerry Markets for the X Fund.
PAMM via Blueberry Markets
Management will be through Blueberry Markets, an ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) regulated broker and highly renowned. This provides security, privacy, transparency, support, and control over your assets. 
Quick & Easy Setup via the Broker Dashboard
Blueberry Market Distributes Profits Monthly
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You Get Paid First
No setup or annual NAV fees. You keep 70% of all the profits, and we get 30% of the net returns. A simple 30/70 split where your capital is put to work and you get the majority of the spoil. Payouts are via a High-water Mark incentive fee structure. Profit splits are distributed monthly.
0% Management Fee or Setup Fees
No Lock In or Early Exit Fees, You're 100% Liquid
You Keep 70% of Profits
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We're here to outperform the market long-term while providing greater returns at lower risks. 

Trading is about capital preservation. Good and bad markets happen, they're expected. We'll profit in good markets and retain capital in bad market conditions.
Real Estate
11.8% Avg Anually
18% Historic Drawdown
1-4% Management Fee
Incentive Fee Varies
Low Liquidity &
High Start-up Costs
Hedge Funds
12.5% Avg Anually
20% Avg Historic Drawdown
1-2% Management Fee
20% Incentive Fee
Lock-in Periods & 
Exclusive to Larger Investors
Pip By Pip Management
30% Avg Monthly
15% Historic Drawdown
0% Management Fee
30% Incentive Fee
Liquid & 
High Performance
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A New Horizon Awaits
Pip By Pip management is focused on long-term performance for our investors. Our mission is to bring high returns while maintaining low-risk market exposure.
Our team of analysts and traders are here for you.
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