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Setup Pips Alert

Get Instant Access to Your Free Trial within 15 Minutes.
Please follow the guideline below on how to get your account set up to start getting signals.

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Member Account Setup

#1 - Setup The Telegram App / Where You'll Get Signals Sent To
  1. Our services send signals through the Telegram App, so we will need you to create a free account with them. If you already have one, you can skip this step.
    1. First Visit:​
    2. Install the app on the platform of your choice
      2. Or go to iOS or Play Store and search for "Telegram"
      3. Or use the links provided from the URL above 
      4. We highly recommend setting up on your Mobile devices first and then getting the desktop/laptop app.
    3. Once you've set up your account, you may follow the next step.
#2 - Joining the Pips Alert Primary Channel
  1. Once you have finished creating an account and or already have an account. Please make sure you're logged in for the next step.
  2. Click this invite URL:
We highly recommend clicking the link on the device you're logged into. For example, if you're accessing Telegram on your phone, open the link on your phone. Simply copy and paste this into your mobile browser/device 
#3 - Joining the Pips Alert Signals (Make sure to Join all 3 Groups Venture X, Investor X, and Angel X) - Don't Miss Out on Any of Our Signals, follow the entire guide below.
  1. Once you have entered the "Pips Alert" channel from the guide on Step #1.
  2. You will click on the "Pinned Message" at the top of the Channel
  3. Next, you'll find a message that will provide you with a guide on how to open the Pips Alert Bot which will guide you to get access to the signals instantly.
If you used your laptop or computer to join, you might see this page requesting you to open the Telegram Desktop app. Click on "Open Telegram Desktop" and then continue with the next steps.

If you used your iPhone or Android device, follow the next steps.
Guide 2.gif
Next, you'll enter a Telegram Bot by Pips Alert.
Click "Start" and then you'll see the option to join the Free Trial. Next, Click "Yes" 
Guide 3.gif
Next, click on "Join channel Pips Alert.." click on the first channel. Then once again, click on "Join channel Pips Alert.."
please make sure you join all 3 channels, not just one. 
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Next, click the "Request to Join"
You will then be automatically added to the group.
Click "Next" on the Bot, and follow the same instructions to join the other 2 groups. Make sure you've joined all 3 groups.

You should be in "Venture X, Investor X, & Angel X."
If you're not in all 3 groups, please click the "Join" button or send "Join" into the chatbot and follow the steps above to ensure you join all 3 groups. 

We want to make sure you get to all our signals, this step is crucial. 
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Step #4 - You're All Done! *Please Read this Before Using Pips Alert Signals*
  • General Guide on Signals 
    • TP = Take Profit (some trades have TP1, TP2, TP3 / Multiple Take Profits)
      SL = Stop Loss
      Pending (Pending Order)
      Sell or Buy @ (at) = At Market Entry / ​
  • Never trade on a live account until you're profitable and understand our signals.
    Our trial should never cost you a single $0.01. From membership cost to your trading. 
  • You're joining 3 signal groups run by 3 different trading teams. Investor X, Venture X, and Angel X. Each team trades separately from the other, you might find similar signals or different. Due to the fact, these teams will each be sending signals, utilize them as resources and use your trading style towards your own trading. 
  • Often, most traders favor another group over another based on performance or preference for the style of trading. So take your humble time to understand each group and compare.
  • If any of our signals are sent with an error, and especially a trade was reported wrong on Take Profit. Please contact us and we will get it corrected. We will publicly acknowledge the error and correct it! We take this very serious.
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Paid Membership Setup

Once your one-week trial is over, you'll now need to switch to the paid membership.
We hope our performance and experience were great and we look forward to having you long-term with us.
Return to the JoinPipsAlert_Bot / Reopen the Telegram Chat.
Click on the left "Menu" / Hamburger and or type in "/subscribe" and send it to the bot. If you clicked on the left Menu / Hamburger, simply select "/subscribe"
Next, select either the Monthly, Half-Year or Full Year plan.
Then click on "Yes"
Next, you will select the payment method you want to use. PayPal and or Stripe. 
Crypto Payments Accepted, simply click on "Crypto", then select Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana. 
You will get a prompt to open the payment URL. Click "Open"
Next, you'll be taken to PayPal or Stripe depending on the payment method you selected.
You're Done! You have now joined the 'Paid' membership.
Please follow the same steps of 'Joining' the channels, if need help 'click me
You're All Done! 
If you ever wish to switch to a different payment plan, please visit our FAQ page for a quick guide.
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