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  • How many signal groups do I get access to?
    Your membership will gain you access to 3 groups for the price of one. You don't need to pay additional to gain access to multiple groups. In turn, we want you to gain as much value as possible and exposure to multiple trading teams so that you can find the best fit for you!
  • How do I cancel membership?
    This is a very simple and straightforward process. Go on the Pips Alert Telegram bot. Click on "Membership Status" or type in /membershipstatus Then click on "Cancel your membership" Yep, simple as that. Should only take you a few seconds to complete.
  • I forgot to cancel my membership and just got billed, can I still get a refund if I cancel now?
    Yes! We are here to build a relationship with you. Trust me, we understand this can happen. We have traders who only trade at certain times of the year and or want to take some time off. You have 7-days from the date you were billed to request a full refund, no questions asked. Simply let us know. What if it's 8 days later? Come on, of course, we will still honor the refund, life happens!
  • Do you provide refunds?
    Yes, we do provide refunds. We provide a 7-days refund if you wished to cancel your membership and you got billed. Please refer to the FAQ question above. If you strongly feel our performance was not good, and you're not happy with us. We provide a 31-days full refund, no questions asked. Seriously, we're here to provide you an honest service, we want you to be empowered to the fullest! So don't be shy, send those refund requests this way if you're not happy with our services. If it's been 35 days and you forgot to ask for a refund on the 31st day, we're human as well; we'll honor the request.
  • How does the 30-days Pips Protection work?
    It's very simple. If we don't hit the targeted pips within 30 days, we'll extend your membership by an additional 30 days. Contact us below on this page to request an extension. We're here to enhance your trading and give you value, so if you don't get the value; get a free extension! Simple as that.
  • Do I just copy and paste, then become a millionaire?
    No, that's not how trading works and also that's not how our services work. If that was the case, we would have had a Lambo or two on the front page, advertising "how easy it is to become a millionaire" and then go on to not providing you with a free trial and instead 100% focusing on selling your hopes and lies to just get your money. Or, not providing our generous 31-day money back even after you've finished a trial, you joined paid membership and are not happy with the results after 31 days... or 35... make it 40, we'll still refund you! Honestly, we're working hard to ensure you're gaining value... Back to the point.... Then on top of that, we would have spent more time showing off a lifestyle.... Rolex, private jet, models, (just about everything but trading...) Okay, you get the point. Pips Alert is none of that, if that was what you were expecting; let's save you the trouble and waste of time. DON'T JOIN PIPS ALERT! At worst, take our free trial and come to the realization we're not a good fit together; we don't want your money if we're giving 0 value back! Forex trading is an art and science, the art is "your unique style of trading" and the science is all the fundamentals that go into a successful trader. This would include analysis, risk management, journaling, etc. Our focus at Pips Alert is to provide you with additional analysis of your trading. We want to empower you with more information, we have had traders who have been with us since 2017 when we began and they have utilized us as a tool for their trading. Utilize us and our team of traders as a powerful analyst in your back pocket! Pips Alert will not make you a profitable trader magically or make trading easier, or any nonsense you've been sold to as a "simple overnight fix." You still need to master your art of trading and incorporate it with the science of trading. We highly recommend new traders not use our services until they've learned the fundamentals of trading.
  • How many signals do you send daily? What are the pips target?
    The number of signals sent varies on market performance and the season of the market. On regular market conditions, expect anywhere from 3-7 signals sent daily (averaged) during market hours. If the market conditions are not good, we will reduce the number of signals sent as we don't see good setups. If it's the holiday season (especially new years / Christmas), we might send little to no signals at all. Since the markets are closed. When it comes to pips target, we try to target a net of 1,750 to 2,500 pips per month from all 3 signal groups. Please make sure you're in all 3 signal groups, and not just one. Monthly pips performance varies depending on market conditions, the number above is averaged out annually. Also be patient if you're a new member, as you might join in a slow or bad market week; we recommend giving us a full month to two months cycle. We're here to trade long-term, not an overnight analyst team on a short-term project.
  • What risk management do you recommend?
    We can't give an exact answer, as each trader is unique. Risk management varies on each trader's style of trading (art) and also the execution. From scalpers to long-term traders (and in-between), each trader will execute differently. Personally, we recommend any time you're "testing" a new piece of information, resource, tool, and or method in trading. You follow these rules #1 - START ON A DEMO ACCOUNT. PLEASE!!! Does it make sense for a scientist who is making a new drug to jump straight to human trials? No! So why in the world would you jump straight to a live account on a company called Pips Alert you just found out about? Makes no sense, so please; do a demo account first. #2 - Slowly Incorporate into Your Trading As mentioned earlier "do I just copy and paste... become a millionaire" We want you to incorporate our analysis into your style of trading. Don't copy and paste without knowing why in the world is trader x selling or buying. Take our information as analysis and utilize it as a tool. In turn, once you shift from a demo account, DO LOW LOT SIZES, AS LOW AS YOU CAN GO.... Those who "rush" because they fear, "I'm missing out on money..." well, we know how that tail goes. Trading is long-term, not short-term. So, start with the lowest lot size so that if you lost any type of money; you won't feel it. For example, don't risk 5% of your account on a single trade. Instead, you should focus on using 0.01 lot size to 0.05 lot size, and if your account is larger; you can do 0.1. #3 - Fully Incorporate into Your Trading When you're now confident in our analysis, you've learned how to use them as powerful tools. You're profitable in your performance, you may now move towards fully incorporating it into your trading. For example, you can trade accordingly to your normal system. So we can't provide, "risk 1% each trade, or 2%, or 5%, or 0.5%...." Risk management is far and wide, unique to each trader and trade. For example, market conditions can make you adjust to utilizing only 50% of your normal 1% risk (0.5%), and at times; the market conditions are really good, so you can risk 100% of your normal 1% risk = 2% risk.
  • How do I report in-correct trades, pips count etc.?
    Here at Pips Alert we run on 100% transparency, we truly value your co-partnership in this. If you see a trade that was reported wrong (entry price, take profit(s), SL) and early exits. Please contact below, and make sure to include. - Group Name (Investor X, Venture X or Angel X) - Price Entry or Pending Price - Date of the Date - The Error We will always publicly make all corrections so that all the other members are aware of an error. Thank you!
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