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We’re a trading family and community. Our focus will always be on giving you value.

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Our History

Pips Alert was founded by two traders from the U.S and the United Kingdom, since then they have expanded towards having a team of traders in U.S, Tokyo, U.K, Canada, and other parts of the world.

The Vision

Our vision since the beginning was to create a platform where Forex traders can feel at home within a community. We want to provide useful information that would increase a trader’s performance long-term.

Journey Together

We have had the chance to journey Forex with various traders within our community. It’s been a blessing to spend years with some of our traders and we look forward to the many years ahead.

The Numbers


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At Pips Alert we're all about transparency and honesty. When we make a mistake on reports, we have an internal investigation team that will double check the trades and then changes the reports accordingly.

  • Trader Report Claims
    contact support for any misinformation
  • Detailed Feedback on Reports
    back-testing by Trading View on all reports


Our support team is ready to support you in any way we can, so don’t be shy and contact us anytime.


As a customer, you can report any trades that you see were not recorded correctly and or sent incorrectly. We will make revisions accordingly. All our trades are public records and can be tested with any broker.