2018 Mission

Dear current & future Pips Alert members,
We would love to thank you all for the support you have shown in our company during its early start-up stages and the feedback you have provided that has helped us grow further. On January 10th our company had a board meeting with all managing partners, traders, and supporting staff on how we want to grow into a better company in 2018.

General branding changes, the company changed the name from Traders Gist as some of our early clients know on Facebook and we have now rebranded all our social media towards Pips Alert. We’re pushing further in efforts to make this our official company brand name, so what watch out for those changes.

First and foremost, we will be drastically reducing prices on membership packages from $99-79.95/m for the investor to $59.95/m and the basic package changes from $49.95/m towards $29.95/m. We did this in hopes that we can provide a more affordable price point for all our customers and also as we add in more traders, more packages; you can be able to afford as many as you would want.

Second, we have laid out a plan in 2018 that will be tackling various challenges on our services, so that you as the customer can get better services. Below is the outline we have laid out for our services in 2018.


Reducing prices by up to 40%.
All current active members your monthly bill will be changed to the new prices automatically on January 19th NYC Time.

Summer 2018

Web Platform: Launch of our web platform to manage subscriptions, track pips and support
Affiliates: Introduce traders, friends and family members onto the platform and get paid monthly
Signals Growth: Hire more qualified traders, in results combined target over 10,000 pips/m in packages.
More Savings: Introduce bundles with multiple packages & 6 months to yearly packages to save up to 65%.

FALL 2018

Mobile App: Launch of our Android & iOS to manage packages and more!
Expand Supported Markets: Our goal is to start providing Binary, Nadex, Crypto and Stock signals.
Forex Signals Growth: Expand our FX team to be able to provide 15,000+ pips/m in combined signals.
Courses: Traders who’re interested in learning how to trade like our team of traders do, we will be providing affordable courses online.
Asset Management: We’re investing heavily in partnering with brokers so that we can provide professional asset management.

We want to provide the best platform in the world when it comes to Forex Signals and in the future binary, Nadex Crypto and Stocks.

Our share holders made a decision of reducing prices by up to 40% because we believe in building a business that will build long-term value for our customers, instead of short-term.

We’re investing heavily not only in the technology of the future platform, but also hiring more traders so that we can have a more diverse selection of signals to provide more stable growth for you. If one package has a slow week, others should be able to make for it.

Building a community where traders can be able to grow and in hopes the financial gains they get can support their family, friends, and communities around them.

We would love to thank you all for choosing Pips Alert and we hope to grow together into something larger. Our managing partners, traders, and other staff members would love to wish you a happy 2018.